Tired of OnlyFans etc

Female Founder Comments:
This is an adult site, it will have moderation of content and messages before approval to ensure it does not violate the terms of service or have additional individuals that were not age verified. Studios (who have been investigated) and couples (both being verified/age) will be able to be on this site. The amount you earn is up to you, minus a percentage which covers costs for this site to exist and grow and ensure no violations. NO posts or messages requesting or offering meetups. Go elsewhere. It’s not a dating site and not Backpage. No minors, no illegal or violation of the terms, but yes this site will have adult content by those who choose of their free will to post for their subscribers. If you violate the terms of the site, you’ll be banned. No favoritism to subscribers or content providers. NO copyright protected other than by the provider is allowed.

CONTENT ALLOWED: Legal, adult, consensual w/out force, fraud or coerce. NOT ALLOWED: Simulated rape, choking/strangulation, scat, urine, blood/cutting, drug or alcohol use (legal or not) or paraphanelia on screen, animals, other’s copyrighted videos/music in the background or on screen. Additional individuals can only be included if you have a couple account and both people have provided age verification.

BANNED: NO PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT – IF YOU are caught recording/stealing and posting a providers content on other sites you will be banned. If YOU are caught giving your username and password, to allow another person/site access and/or theft of a providers content you will be banned. Solicitation or meet up offers. This is not a dating site. Cyber bullying/messages on this site will result in being banned. All content providers also have the ability to block users at their discretion.

AGE VERIFICATION: Subscribers and Providers must provide identification in order to use this site. This is for age verification and with the events of other sites & many victims, all should understand why this is MANDATORY. Records will not be kept on our servers.

WHY WE DO HAVE RULES: We are not OnlyFans, etc. pretending to be a non-adult site. We will not favor any user or provider who violates the actual law, so keep this in mind, as it will have you banned. I’m sure many providers are tired of sites going down due to others.

Adult sites are considered “high risk”. Paypal, etc. won’t be on here, but we won’t be using bitcoin either.

LAUNCH: Make sure you email above or filled out the pop up to be notified. All will receive a email that the site is able to accept content and subscribers. ETA for launch, end of September 2021. You can also follow us on Twitter.

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